Online Shows

One of things I have become known for as a musician is putting on online concerts. I set up a webcam and a good mic and hit "go live" on Facebook with my instruments. People pop in and out, they listen to my music in the background, they listen attentively. It's not like an ordinary concert where you might feel obligated to sit and listen to the whole thing. Online concerts bring me to you wherever you are.

There are a few things I like to do when I play an online show:

  1. Play for at least an hour. This allows plenty of time for me to play long sets and for people to pop in and out as they please. The next show I play will probably be 2 hours long. 
  2. Ask for the audience to invite their friends. The more people who show up, the more fun it will be.
  3. Offer fun incentives for tips. Whether it's an exclusive download of a song that's not yet released, a whole album, or handwritten lyrics, I try to shake things up and make the tip incentives fun. 

If you are interested in attending an online show, please shoot me an email at I'll reply promptly.