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I've been thinking about meeting targets in life - finding one's target market, meeting goals, etc.. That's something that I struggle with. My desires are generally all over the place and change at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I work on my book, other times I'm writing poetry, and still others I'm working on music. As you saw in "Some Thoughts", I was dealing with some bad writer's block for awhile, but finally broke through it by writing what I wanted to write at last instead of seeking the approval of others. 

I've never known how to define my art, though - sometimes people ask me how I would define my style and the closest thing I've been able to say is "early Regina Spektor, but with more depressing lyrics". I realize now that that's just in regard to instrumentation, seeing as Regina's early music was just her and piano, that's it. I love Regina Spektor, but saying my music is like hers is a bit untrue unless I say "take the themes of her song "Samson" and apply it throughout the entire catalog", but even then that's a bit off. My lyrics deal a lot with rebellion, sifting through my beliefs, and finding myself. That may come across to others as depressing, but as one of my friends put it, it's up to the listener. Some might take it as hopeful and relatable, others may take it as depressing and negative. I'm not really looking to appeal to those who think it's only depressing. That's why the Regina comparisons aren't really accurate. All of them fit on the surface, but when you go deeper, you'll find that there's more than that.  

So perhaps it could be best described as rebel folk. I'm gonna go with that for a time. My music can be really chilled out, but if you listen to the lyrics, you find that a lot of it deals with some kind of struggle or tension. I write about tension best, and I think that that's why my time at the Mormon college I went to yielded some of my best work. 

So to the rebels trying to figure life out, to those branded as black sheep, to those with something to say, I tell you:

You're safe here. 
I understand you. 
If you relate, you're in the right place.  


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Candy For Trees

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