Much Light

Hello, all!

I love gardening. I have around 100 chamomile, basil, and echinacea seedlings  in total growing in a planter under a grow light to the right of me. I never thought so many of them would grow! Even though only a fraction of the seeds I've planted have sprouted so far, it's gonna be a hefty crop!

Alaska is cold and dark right now, but I have my plants and my lizard baby to keep me company. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't ever in total darkness for months on end - you'd have to go even further north for that to happen. That being said, the sun will rise at around 10 AM and set at around 3:40 PM. We don't get much light, but such is life. 

Because we don't a ton of light, a lot of us have to take it upon ourselves to create light in order to be happy. Some of us have sun lamps. I have the light from the grow light and from my lizard baby's enclosure. I'm slowly learning to take care of myself. It's definitely a process. I know a lot of my success in life depends on how I treat myself and others and I am learning that treating myself well is just as valid and important as being kind to others. 

How have you been kind to yourself today??



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