Candy For Trees

a biography

Meg Jam (they/them) is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer living in Wasilla, Alaska.

Born in 1997 and raised in Texas, they grew up listening to jazz, rock, folk, and pop supplied by their parents. Discovering they could play instruments by ear at the age of 12, they composed their first song, "Ode", days later.

They are gifted with a beautiful voice and a poetic soul, and that shone through on several melancholy albums recorded under their maiden name, Meg Dunn. 

After marrying their high school crush and moving to Alaska, they focused on their instrumental work for a time, recording works like Light Steps, Benson Boulevard Under Cover of Darkness, Between Light and Dreaming, and the experimental Alexiad

In August 2019, they merged their Meg Dunn catalog with the Candy For Trees instrumentals, resulting in a unified body of work spanning a decade. 

They write about finding themselves, navigating religion, love, loss, and learning to think - really think. 

Their newest work, These Modern Days, comes out on Halloween 2019.