NEW MUSIC (at last!!) 

Hello, friends!!

I'm here to announce that I have released new music! This pair of songs is in my constructed language!

Much Light 

Hello, all!

I love gardening. I have around 100 chamomile, basil, and echinacea seedlings  in total growing in a planter under a grow light to the right of me. I never thought so many of them would grow! Even though only a fraction of the seeds I've planted have sprouted so far, it's gonna be a hefty crop!

Alaska is cold and dark right now, but I have my plants and my lizard baby to keep me company. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't ever in total darkness for months on end - you'd have to go even further north for that to happen. That being said, the sun will rise at around 10 AM and set at around 3:40 PM. We don't get much light, but such is life. 

Because we don't a ton of light, a lot of us have to take it upon ourselves to create light in order to be happy. Some of us have sun lamps. I have the light from the grow light and from my lizard baby's enclosure. I'm slowly learning to take care of myself. It's definitely a process. I know a lot of my success in life depends on how I treat myself and others and I am learning that treating myself well is just as valid and important as being kind to others. 

How have you been kind to yourself today??




Welcome, welcome!! This is more than a music site, this is my home on the Internet. I know I've introduced myself before, but I feel that it's time for a RE-introduction - I'm Persephone. I love to write. I don't always write music, though - sometimes plays and poetry without music pop into my brain. The most recent piece that I wrote was a play called Lavender and Scissors. It, like my music, involves a lot of wrestling with darkness, the perils of being human, free will, hard choices, etc.. Even though it does focus on the supernatural, I wrote it with the intention of telling truths in the end.  

I also picked up my mandolin after not playing her for a couple weeks and started singing odes to my plants. (My mandolin is named Sparkles, by the way). I have 3 plants on my windowsill - 12, an orchid, Zuzax, an ogre-eared succulent, and Ethan, a tiny Zanzibar Aloe. Brad, my other succulent, is under my grow light along with numerous tiny chamomile, opal basil, and echinacea sprouts. He's turning pink on top and I dunno if that's a good thing??? 


I like this song, but the phone rang at the end!

Here's an ode to Brad the pink succulent. 

And finally one for Zuzax. 

Alaska is cold and dark, but these songs and my environment are warm. Stay tuned!